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Devotional Articles


Article Title

101 Without expecting anything back">
102 A matter of life and death
103 A worthy advocate
104 Eat your spiritual food- or die
105 Fear is a killer
106 Don't deceive yourself!
107 A dead man cannot save you
108 Lay a solid foundation
109 Give God His due
110 Resurrection (not Easter) Sunday
111 Check your heart fitness
112 Use your authority
113 Calling God the Devil
114 Reason is not the source of faith
115 The word of faith
116 Seek in order to find
117 Doing, not doing and being
118 Useless Prayer
119 The most important purpose of prayer
120 Share the good news
121 Faith, the catalyst
122 Holiness the goal, not heaven
123 Expect miracles
124 Why go to church?
125 Smooth seas don't make expert sailors
126 The dangers of not listening
127 Carrying a corpse around
128 Deceived by your own wisdom
129 Self sufficient or God dependent?
130 About God's fatherhood
131 A parable of Four wives
132 In us, for us, through us
133 Christianity is unique
134 Better anointed than appointed
135 God's ways and God's acts
136 Competitiveness - a religious cancer
137 Holiness is not an option
138 The dangers of unresolved guilt
139 Bad habits are thought patterns
140 Holiness requires discipline
141 A poisonous tongue
142 Great miracles preceded by thanksgiviing
143 Faith grows out of praising God
144 Leaving the past behind
145 How to forget the past
146 Salted with selfishness
147 Satan's sifting
148 How 'Holy Fear' comes
149 Overcoming through submission
150 Tomorrow may not come
151 Your cheating heart
152 Beware these two enemies
153 Cold love
154 Make the right choicey
155 Under surveillance
156 Christianity without the resurrection?
157 Let me see your tongue
158 One day at a time
159 Deceived by eloquence
160 'Freedom in Christ' misunderstood
161 Your treasures may become your deathtrap
162 Still 'under the law'?
163 Keep your balance
164 Silencing ignorant talk
165 Destined for glory
166 Forgiveness - an act and a process
167 Unwholesome talk
168 Using persuasive words
169 The believer's security
170 What you say is what you get
171 An inheritance you won't pass on
172 Woe if you preach not the gospel
173 God-induced stress
174 Test what is preached
175 Unhealthy vs Healthy fear
176 True vs False repentance
177 Believe it or not, hell is real
178 Is your christian experience valid?
179 It all starts in the mind
180 Meet the condition before you claim the promise
181 Grow up, for heaven's sake
182 You keep what you don't discard
183 Birds of a feather flock together
184 Is your hearing good?
185 Why do you go to church?
186 Don't abscond your priestly service
187 Which comes first - thoughts or behaviour?
188 Hate your father and mother
189 Are your ready for Christ's return?
190 Paid in full
191 Discipleship means obedience
192 Tantalised or satisfied?
193 Watch out for conmen
194 Take the 'worldliness' test
195 Working out our salvation
196 Warning! Take responsibility
197 Have you made the right choice?
198 Agreement is a heart issue
199 Why were you saved?
200 Neither hot nor cold
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