Importance of the Prophetic Revelations about The Messiah

Explore Your Faith Teaching Series - Explo-5©

With Pastor Joseph Rodrigues





The previous study presented the ‘big picture’, the overview of God’s ‘master plan’.

 In this study, we ‘zoom in’ on the first of two aspects of God’s revelation in relation to this plan - the prophetic revelations about the Messiah.

 God does not expect us to have ‘blind faith’ but had given us all we need to know.

The importance of this study should not be undervalued. It challenges us to consider the impact of prophetic fulfillment on what we believe about Jesus.

It is vital to providing ‘substance’ for our faith in him, and the assurance that the promises yet to be fulfilled are absolutely guaranteed.


The first aspect (which we will examine in this session), is that of prophetic revelation about the one who would come as Messiah (God’s instrument of salvation)

The second aspect is that of the self-revelation of the Messiah (next session).


[Important]: In this session, consider the impact of prophetic fulfillment on what we are called upon to believe about Jesus our Redeemer


Prophecies concerning Jesus (‘the Christ’, ‘the Messiah’) and their fulfillment:


                1. Of a Kingly Messiah

                                Psalms                   Ps.2:6-8; 68:18; 118:22

                               Isaiah:                  Isa.9:6, 7; 32:1-3; 42:1-4

                                Jeremiah:              Jer.23:5

Daniel:                   Da.2:44; 7:13, 14

Micah:                   Mic5:2

Zechariah:            Zec.6:12, 13; 9:9, 10

Malachi:                                Mal.3:1


                2. Of a Suffering Messiah

                                Psalms                   Ps.22:18; 69:21

                                Isaiah                     Isa.50:6; 52:14; 53:1-10

                                Zechariah              Zec.11:12; 12:10; 13:7


Specific prophecies about Jesus the Christ and their fulfillment (some examples):


                Nature of the Prophecy                 Its Origin                                   Its Fulfillment


His birth from woman                         Gen. 3:15                              Gal. 4:4 (Lk. 2:7; Rev. 12:5)

His descendancy from Abraham       Gen. 12:3                              Ac. 3:25 (Mt. 1:1; Lk. 3:34)

His clan (Judah)                                  Gen. 49:10                            Lk. 3:33 (Mt. 1:2, 3)

His royal lineage (of David)             Isa. 9:7                                  Mt. 1:1 (Mt.1: 6)

His place of birth                                                Mic. 5:2                                Mt. 2:1 (Lk. 2:4-7)

His birth of a virgin                            Isa. 7:14                                                Mt. 1:18 (Lk. 1:26-35)

His escape from massacre                 Jer. 31:15                              Mt. 2:16, 18

His ministry in Galilee                       Isa. 9:1, 2                              Mt. 4:12-16

His prophetic office                            Dt. 18:15                               Jn. 6:14

His priestly office                                                Ps. 110:4                               He. 6:20

His rejection by Jews                          Isa. 53:3                                                Jn. 1:11 (Jn. 5:43; Lk. 4:29 ET al)

His triumphal entry                             Zec. 9:9                                 Jn. 12:13, 14 (Mt.21: 1-11)

His betrayal                                          Ps. 41:9                                  Mk. 14:10 (Mt 26: 14-16)

His ‘sale’ for thirty pieces                 Zec. 11:12, 13                      Mt. 26:15

His accusation by false witnesses    Ps. 27:12 (Ps. 35:11ff)        Mt. 26: 60, 61

His silence when accused                  Isa. 53:7                                                Mt. 26:62, 63 (Mt. 27: 12-14)

His enduring smiting and spitting   Isa. 50:6                                                Mk. 14:65 and others

His being hated without cause         Ps. 69:4                                  Jn. 15:23-25



Specific prophecies about Jesus the Christ and their fulfillment (continued)


Nature of the prophecy                     Its Origin                              Its Fulfillment


His vicarious suffering                       Isa. 53:4, 5                            Mt. 8:16, 17

His crucifixion with sinners              Isa.53: 12                              Mt.27: 38 (Mk. 15: 27, 28 et al)

His feet and hands to be pierced      Ps. 22:16                               Jn. 20:27 (see other scriptures too)

His enduring mocking                        Ps. 22:6-8                              Mt. 27: 39, 40 (Mk. 15:29-32)

His being given gall & vinegar        Ps. 69:21                               Jn. 19:29 (Mt. 27: 34, 48)

His hearing blasphemy                      Ps. 22:8                                  Mt. 27:43

His side to be pierced                         Zec. 12:10                             Jn. 19:34

His garments disposed of                   Ps. 22:18                               Mk.15:24

His bones to remain unbroken          Ps. 34:20 (Ex. 12:46)          Jn. 19:33-36

His burial with the rich                      Isa. 53:9                               Mt. 27:57-60

His resurrection                                   Ps. 16:10 (Mt. 16:21)          Mt. 28:9 (Lk. 24:36-48)

His ascension                                       Ps. 68:18                               Lk. 24:50, 51 (Ac. 1:9)





                          What are your thoughts now about the sovereignty of God?

What do you think about His promises of things yet to come?

In the light of these prophecies, can we see that our faith is not ‘blind’ but has substance?

Is god’s word true? Dependable?

Does any other faith/religion have such an infallible structure as Christianity?