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Explore Your Faith Series

Teaching and Equipping in the Word

The Bible instructs us to "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have". (1 Pe. 3:15).

The EXPLORE YOUR FAITH Series is designed for just such a purpose. Prepared and presented by Pastor Joseph Rodrigues, it brings excitement, meaning and purpose to our understanding of the Christian walk.

Jesus emphatically stated that "…the truth shall set you free" (Jn.8:32).The standard he referred to as the measure of truth is the absolute standard of God's Word, because God is Truth. It is the standard that identifies what is false. However 'knowing truth' does not simply involve an accumulation of facts; it involves understanding. The Bible exhorts us to have knowledge and understanding. Jesus often rebuked the Scribes and the Pharisees (the 'learned' men) for their lack of understanding, even though none could dispute their ability to quote Scripture word for word!

At the very heart of the EXPLORE YOUR FAITH series is the intention to bring understanding, so that we can be effective in the things God has called us to be and to do.
Therefore this series is intended to help the Christian:-
-to know what you believe
--to know in whom you believe
--to know why you believe
--to live like you believe

How it is structured and coverage
The series is essentially a biblically based Teaching Series. It is designed to equip the saints and bring them to maturity in Christ through the exposition of the Word. It is an open-ended, topical series. The series covers both Old Testament and New Testaments concepts, helping the individual to come to grips with the whole of God's plan for mankind as progressively revealed in his dealings with mankind in history, and also the promised events yet to unfold in the future. The series presents biblical truths in simple layman's language with particular emphasis on their relevance to and application in daily Christian living. The teaching necessarily addresses false teachings, so as to lay a solid foundation for further spiritual growth.

The series comprises wholesome material for Christians, regardless of their level of maturity.

The series will soon be available as audio and video presentations (as finance permits) with a view to the serious bible study group that is not satisfied with milk but would have the meat.

The ‘Explore Your Faith’ Teaching Series

If you would like to  receive a copy of this material, in Word format, please forward your name, address, and contact information, including your organization or group (if any) to pastor Joseph Rodrigues.

The Titles below are available in both PDF and  WORD formats by clicking the appropriate columns  below, designated by black and red print respectively.  The PDF formats are suitable for printing whilst the Word formats have the advantage of instant ONLINE biblical reference.


Titles in This Series 

Xplo-1pdf What it really means to be a Christian
Xplo-2pdf The Resurrection of Christ - a foundational doctrine
Xplo-3pdf The Written Word - A distinctive form Of communication
Xplo-4pdf God's 'Master Plan'
Xplo-5pdf The importance of the Prophetic Revelations about Christ
Xplo-6pdf The Jesus of the Bible
Xplo-7pdf Repentance from acts that lead to death
Xplo-8pdf The nature of Biblical Faith
Xplo-9pdf Faith and works in the life of the believer
Xplo-10 Instructions about Baptisms (being  edited)
Xplo-11pdf The Laying on of hands
Xplo-12pdf The resurrection of the dead
Xplo-13pdf Judgment - in this life and the next
Xplo-14pdf Understanding  'Covenant'   
Xplo-15pdf Understanding Biblical Authority 
Xplo-16pdf Understanding 'Hope"
Xplo-17pdf Understanding 'In Christ'
Xplo-18pdf Understanding Salvation
Xplo-19pdf Understanding the Outworking of Salvation  
Xplo-20pdf Understanding 'atomement'
Xplo-21pdf The Christian and Backsliding
Xplo-22pdf Righteousness and the Christian
Xplo-23pdf Sinning against the Holy Spirit
Xplo-24pdf Law and Grace in the life of a Christian
Xplo-25pdf Synopsis - "The absolute Necessity of Sound Doctrine"